A month ago I made mobile for a friend. She’s having a girl so this time I did purples. I have to admit, I like it better than the one I made for Callen’s room. I learned from Callen’s mobile. This time I made the circle 2″ and made more so I would look fuller. I also used a circle cutter, which made it so much easier and quicker to make.

I added a cute little butterfly at the end of the middle strand so baby Anna Olivia would have something pretty to look at. Callen loves his now that he older, he reaches for the baseball when I pick him up from his crib.

Here’s Callen’s mobile.

Here’s how I did it.

Nursery Mobile:

  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Circle cutter – 2 inches
  • Paint
  • 2 Wooden dowels
  • 4 Wooden balls
  • Ribbon
  • three different colors of foam paper – 2 sheets of each color. Need 140 circles.
  • clear jewelry twine or fishing line
  • Straight Pin
  • key ring or metal ring
  • ornament – or whatever you like to hang in the middle

Directions to make mobile: 

Paint the wooden dowels and balls. Once dried glue wooden rounds on the end of the sticks and then tie the two sticks in the middle making an X. Glue together for a strong hold.

Cut 2″ circles from the foam paper, need 140. 15 circle per strand plus 5 more for the middle to make it longer. Use the straight pin to make a hole in the middle of the circle. You can stack three to four circles together to take less time. Once you have all your circle cut out and a hole punched, make 9 piles of circles, alternating the colors. I had about 15 circle on each string and 20 in the middle string. Tie a knot at one end of the twine and thread one circle, tie another knot about an inch up from the circle and thread another circle. Repeat until finished. Tie each string to wooden dowel. One long string in the middle and then two on each end. Tie the ornament to the end of the longer middle string.

Tie a the twine from the middle of the mobile to the key ring. Tie or glue the ribbon from the end of the wooden dowel to the key ring. I glued the ribbon on the wooden dowel as I wrapped the ribbon around to make a more finished look. I wrapped the ribbon around the center of the wooden dowels to cover up the glue and the string in the middle.

That’s it! Your’e done!