This is our first house we bought together and this is our first renovation. When we bought the house we knew that the first thing we wanted to do was to update the kitchen. The house is 21 years old, it’s defiantly time for an update. We moved in August 1, 2014, a few months after moving in we started planning and thinking about what we (we, as in I) wanted for the new kitchen. Thanks to Pinterest, I got a lot of ideas, but our little budget didn’t allow for a few things that we would have liked. I knew I wanted a white kitchen. We have a big window and it makes it feel really bright and lots of sun comes in during the day. We started demo June 5, 2015 and we finished in the following September. Most of that time was waiting on the countertops.

After painting, we started with the window seat so we could store things while renovating. Sorry, I don’t have a true before. I forgot.IMG_2682


Here’s the frame. Hubby did a good job building the seat.


The boys really liked climbing on the frame before we finished it.


FINISHED!! We actually didn’t get it fully finished until August. There’s three sections, the left section is where we dump all the shoes so we don’t have lots of shoes in the floor. The other sections are for storage.

My grandma sewed my cushions for me. I bought foam cushion at the fabric store and cut it down to fit the seat. I ordered the material online and then she did her magic and made it look fantastic!! Thanks Granny!!!

We ordered the cabinets online and they shipped right to our house.

Here’s our garage.


Here’s the before of the kitchen! We had to buy a new stove the first month of moving in because it wasn’t very functional. It was 21 years old and I almost burnt Callen’s birthday cake. So it had to go.


Notice the microwave in the bottom picture. We installed a new one over the stove. So much better.


During Demolition! I was little shocked by the big holes in the wall. Good thing we were going to cover it up with new cabinets!


Installing the cabinets!

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Evan (right) for helping and HUGE THANK YOU to my dad for coming up all day and helping (he missed a wedding to come help us). Thanks dad!!


Before the countertops were installed. We lived with plywood as our countertops for 2 months while we waited for the countertops be installed. I went without the kitchen sink for a week while we waited on them to come measure. I used the bathroom sink to wash dishes and we grilled as much as possible.




Funny story about the tile. I went to the tile store four times before deciding. I brought home 6 tiles the first time, then 3 the second time, the third time I went I had decided we were going to go with a grey subway tile, it was in our budget and the color looked the best. When I went back to the tile shop to order the tile, I made a comment that I LOVE the mosaic tile but I hate that it’s so expensive. She told me that they had a grey in that design and it wasn’t that expensive. So I brought home the subway tile and the mosaic tile to choose from. My hubby thought I went to order the tile that day, but instead I came home with another piece! HA! (He just smiles and shakes his head at me now, he knows I can’t decide quickly on things.) After taping both tiles to the wall, we decided that it wasn’t that much more to go with the better looking tile! I was so happy that I was jumping with excitement!!!


A BIG thanks to our friend Ryan for helping Justin install the tile and thanks to Krissa for lending us her husband for the day. 😉







I’m still working on getting my shelfs right. I keep moving things around and I think I need a plant of some sort. But I really couldn’t wait on that to show the before and after. We did save some money by putting shelfs up instead a cabinet. I like it so much better. It really makes the sink more open and add color and style to the kitchen as well.


We decided that we wanted all cabinets around the refrigerator instead of how it was before. It was too much space being lost and I gained so much more space this way. Plus it was cheaper since we didn’t have to order countertop.


TILE UP CLOSE!!! Hubby did a good job with his first time installing tile!


I am super excited how everything came out. We did learn a lot and there’s a few things we would change next time, if there is a next time, I want to stay here for a long time!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!