I love cooking but I love cooking for other people even more! I followed food blogs for over a year when I decided that I wanted to have my own to reflect on and to be able to share some of my favorite recipes with friends and family. Not all of these recipes are mine and I will link to the original recipe when possible. If I can’t link the original recipe, I always give the person credit.

I’m Amanda and I was born and raised in small town near Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. I now live in Lexington, Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful Godly man, Justin {he has a blog too, check it out}. I am a mother of one,  Callen Ryan who was born August 2012 and I can’t leave out our dog, Zoë since she’s such a big part of our family as well. I have no culinary training and I did not really learn to cook well until after I got married. After watching cooking shows, reading blogs and trying new things I’ve become a better cook, but one that is always wanting to learn more.

My husband says he loves eating my food and that makes me happy. I normally have dinner started by the time he gets home from work and when he walks in the door he’s greeted with wonderful smells from the kitchen. That’s how I came up with Aromatic Delights (actually he came up with it). He said when he comes home there’s always a delightful aroma coming from the kitchen to welcome him home. He also gets credit for a lot of my pictures. I love cooking and he loves taking pictures, we make a good team. He also has a blog, check it out here.

I hope you enjoy reading (and trying) all my favorite recipes and that your kitchen is filled with all the aromas and flavors of home.

Happy Cooking!